TNTT Results - 5/28/2019

And That’s All She Wrote…

Well it came and went. The 2019 TNTT series is now in the books. Last night rounded out the series. Alan Barton, sporting the fast-as-hell eacc kit, finished on top for the day at 16:20 @ 24.24 mph. Tim McDonald crossed the finish line in second at 19:20 @ 20.48 mph.

The generosity from Trek of Auburn was again waiting for cyclists at the finish line. Store credit and loot were had by all. We all ate popsicle and went home happy.

    4/30   5/7   5/14   5/21   5/28   Average
0 Rider Time Speed Time Speed Time Speed Time Speed Time Speed Time Speed
1 Lanier Nichols     15:12 26.05   15:12 26.05
2 Lawrence Monks 15:49 25.04 15:33 25.47 15:42 25.22     15:41 25.24
3 Sam Gwin 16:12 24.44 15:43 25.20       15:57 24.81
4 Milan Harris 15:32 25.49 16:15 24.37 16:36 23.86     16:08 24.55
5 Alan Barton     16:15 24.37 16:20 24.24 16:18 24.31
6 Stephen Marino 16:40 23.76       16:40 23.76
7 Chris Kroggel 17:05 23.18         17:05 23.18
8 Kelly Marino 17:59 22.02       17:59 22.02
9 Tim McDonald 19:35 20.22         19:17 20.54 19:20 20.48 19:24 20.41

Roll Credits…

A bunch of folks to thank. Most importantly are the riders. Thank you for coming out and suffering just a little bit. Tell all your friends it wasn’t awful, maybe even a good time, and we’ll do it again next year.

And then THANK YOU again to Rick & Trek of Auburn for supplying our racers with a little motivation to push themselves that little bit harder.

And thank you to our volunteers: Angela, Mike, Clarence, Rick, and David. It doesn’t happen without great folks willing stand around on the side of the road. Thank you.

TNTT Results - 5/21/2019

And the winners are…

Everyone who showed up! Huge thanks to Trek of Auburn. Everyone went home with something awesome: Tim rode around with the killer Flar R tail light, Alan’s off to a Trek shopping spree, and Lanier’s keeping that custom bike looking sharp with some Bontrager cleaning supplies.

Throw in a couple rounds of popsicles and everyone goes home happy!

How about those times?

Mr. Lanier Nichols set a new course record last night - 15 minutes 12 seconds. Last night’s results broke down like this:

  1. Lanier Nichols - 15:12 @ 26.05 mph

  2. Alan Barton - 16:15 @ 24:37 mph

  3. Tim McDonald - 19:15 @ 20.57 mph

Series Results

We’ve got 1 race left in the 2019 TNTT. Come out and post your first time or beat your last time. Expect our last of the series to be the best. Bring a friend. Skip your summer vacation to Tahiti. It’ll be worth it.

…again, huge thanks to Trek of Auburn! Rick, you’re amazing! Everyone go say thanks…

TNTT Results - 5/14/2019


Lawrence Monks flew to another top time of 15:42 @ 25.22 mph. Continually on the hunt, Milan Harris came in second at 16:36 @ 23.86 mph.

Full Series Results

Time to up the ante! We’re raffling off prices at the final 2 time trials. You don’t have to be the fastest to win, but you’ve gotta ride.

You’ve got 2 more chances to test what you’ve got. Come out and join us. If you don’t want to compete come and spectate or volunteer. We’d love to see you here.

Next Tuesday, May 21 @ the corner of Mrs James @ Farmville roads.

TNTT Results - 5/7/2019

TNTT 2 of 5 results:

Tuesday produced another beautiful evening for a time trial. Lawrence Monks takes the day for the gentlemen with 15min 33sec. Kelly Marino opens up the women’s board with 17:59.


  1. Lawrence Monks - 15:33 @ 25.47 mph

  2. Sam Gwin - 15:43 @ 25.20 mph

  3. Milan Harris - 16:15 @ 24.37 mph

  4. Stephen Marino - 16:40 @ 23.76 mph


  1. Kelly Marino - 17:59 @ 22.02 mph

Full Series Results

You’ve got 3 more chances to test what you’ve got. Come out and join us. If you don’t want to compete come and spectate or volunteer. We’d love to see you here.

See you Tuesday, May 14 @ the corner of Mrs James @ Farmville roads.

TNTT Results - 4/30/2019

Ladies & Gentlemen,

EACC’s 2019 Tuesday Night Time Trial series got underway last night. Milan Harris kicks off the 5-part series with the fastest time (15:32). Can you beat that? You’ve got 4 more Tuesdays to try.

Ladies, your leader board is wide open. If you want to wear the crown, its there for the taking.

April 30th Results:

  1. Milan Harris - 15:32 @ 25.5 mph

  2. Lawrence Monks - 15:49 @ 25.0 mph

  3. Sam Gwin - 16:12 @ 24.4 mph

  4. Chris Kroggel - 17:05 @ 23.18 mph

  5. Tim McDonald - 19:35 @ 20.22 mph

We’ll see you all next week on Mrs James Rd & Farmville.


July TNTT Results

Time trialists rolled across the finish line last night in strong form. Alan Barton dug deep to best the field and take top honors. But gaps were tight as everyone fought to beat the clock.

  • Alan Barton @ 28:50 (22.47mph)
  • Jimmy Prestwood @ 29:08 (22.24mph)
  • Nic Koziolek @ 29:46 (21.77mph)
  • Stacy Norman @ 31:16 (20.72mph)
  • Bob Goodman @ 32:08 (20.17mph)

And not to go home empty handed, Rick Brock of Trek Auburn saw finishers generously greeted with store credit.

August 14th will be the final TNTT of the 2018 summer series. The course will be Mrs James Road in North Auburn. It'll be a 6mile out-n-back. I know you've all ridden it. And I know you all think you're fast on it. So circle the 8/14 on your calendars and come out to prove it!

June's Tuesday Night Time Trial Results

A hot and humid evening greeted 4 eager time trialists bent on cheating the clock. Out and back, County Road 188 is fast if your bike doesn't melt under the hot and humid evening sun.

Jimmy Prestwood was the first to slip out of the haze, finishing the 7.6 mile course in 19:42 and at 23.15 mph.

Fighting for 2nd and 3rd, Bruno Ulrich bested Tim McDonald in 22 minutes, 11 seconds (20.56 mph). Tim in 3rd at 22:24 (20.36 mph).

Not to be beaten by the course or the heat Todd White carried the lanterne rouge across the finish line in 29:05 and 15.68 mph.

You missed it?

No worries. The monthly TNTT series continues on July 10th. Start Line: 2837 Oak Bowery Rd, Opelika (power substation at bottom of dead cat hill). Registration opens at 6p; first rider off at 6:30p. Free for eacc members; $5 for guests.

Keep an ear out for course details.

TNTT coming back...

The Tuesday Night Time Trial (TNTT) series is sneaking back in 2018. Details are fluid but starting to emerge.

Expect a one-a-month event across the summer. Each event targeting a different course and therefore TT skillset. Details & courses are still being finalized but think about a hill climb, a traditional TT, a team TT, a sprint TT... The idea is to highlight different courses/routes in the area, and offer some cycling skill variety.

Up first will be a Chewacla Hill Climb - May 15 @ Chewacla SP. Park fees apply. Registration opens at 6p. First rider off at 6:30p.

As in past years the TNTT is an EACC members event - club insurance requires participants to be EACC members. And, as in past TNTTs, we'll offer a $5/event EACC membership plan. So join EACC outright for $20/individual, $30/family, or in $5/ride installments. Memberships can be purchased online, or by bringing/mailing a membership form.

2013 Series Finally

EACC’s 2013 Tuesday Night Time Trial wrapped up last night.  If you missed it, you missed a beautiful evening with some great folks.  Last night’s results are below with the full series results attached here.  Also I must thank Clarence, Mike & Angela, Dave Kerr, Mike Stone, and everyone else that came out to help.  None of this would have been possible without your help.  And of course thank you to all the riders.  Clarence might pass as a traffic engineer with his safety vest, but the rest of us volunteers would look silly standing by the side of the road without you racing.

Rider Time Speed
1 Robert Black 15:27 24.54
2 Lanier Nichols 15:43 24.13
3 Stephen Marino 15:49 23.97
4 Kelly Marino 16:15 23.34
5 Christopher Graff 17:30 21.67
6 Tim McDonald 17:54 21.18
7 Claudia Penaloza 19:05 19.87


 *Series Champion Men (avg time):

  1. Robert Black – 14:56
  2. George Wenzel – 15:13
  3. Stephen Marino – 15:55

 *Series Champion Women (avg time):

  1. Kelly Marino – 16:07
  2. Claudia Penaloza – 18:14
  3. Vicky McCurdy – 19:06

Top Man:

  1. Jay McCurdy – 14:21
  2. Josh Fuller – 14:37
  3. Chad Wiswall – 14:40

 Top Woman:

  1. Kelly Marino – 15:49
  2. Claudia Penaloza – 17:44
  3. Vicky McCurdy – 18:35

 *Most Improved (slowest time from beginning of series minus fastest time from end):

  1. Scott Compton – 2:09
  2. Lanier Nichols – 1:42
  3. Sam Easley – 1:23

 *For series results, rider must have completed at least 3 trials

TNTT Results - 8/20/2013

We found just enough time between the rain and lightning to get the 2nd to last time trial underway.  Results below with series results attached.  This means next Tuesday is our final night of the 2013 series.  We’ll be there rain or shine.  Two person team time trials will be in effect, individual riders, as always, are also welcome.

Rider Time Speed
1 Nathan Spence 15:30 24.46
2 Chris Hughes 16:29 23.01
3 Frank Whittle 16:58 22.35
4 Vicky McCurdy 18:35 20.41

Results - 8/13/2013

I depleted my literary reserves last week.  This week Vicky smoked all the women and I beat all the other men. 

There are 2 weeks left in the season, and it only takes once to beat your personal best.  Our last TT of the summer will be August 27th.  On that night we’ll see a return of the two person team time trials.  If you prefer suffering in pairs that will be your last shot this year.  If you’d rather sweat it out alone we’ll be there for you too.

Rider Time Speed
1 Christopher Graff 17:40 21.46
2 Vicky McCurdy 19:12 19.75

Full results

TNTT Results - 8/6/2013

Two brave souls emerged from the steam of a sub-tropical Tuesday night.  A mixed breed of superior human endurance and technologic advancement, the two challenged what is the Tuesday Night Time Trial.  Elements be dammed, they disposed any common wisdom in their quest for a higher calling, a higher purpose.  As the clock ticked over each arduous second, one man emerged on the horizon… then another.  One chasing another through an Amazonian cauldron of heat and oppression.  Two mortals came dressed for battle, faced the night, and rose up to the gantlet, proving to themselves and those brave enough to witness their feat that man and machine, working as one, can achieve nirvana.

We then ate popsicles.






Stacy Norman




Tim McDonald



Full Results

TNTT Results - 7/30/2013

Last week’s rain gave way this week to hot & humid weather to plow the bikes through.  But plowed we did.  We have 4 more Tuesdays left to the series.  School is starting back up and vacations are winding down.  Come on out and enjoy the last throes of summer with us.

Below are last night’s results and attached here are for the whole series.

Rider Time Speed
1 George Wenzel 15:44 24.10
2 Lanier Nichols 16:31 22.96
3 Christopher Graff 17:56 21.14
4 Paula Sullenger 19:56 19.02

TNTT Results - 7/16/2013

Last night’s results (below) saw some really great competition with some really close times.  All the results from the season to date are here

We’ve got 6 Tuesdays left in the series; plenty of time for those coming back to school, back from vacation, or just procrastinating.

Rider Time Speed
1 George Wenzel 15:05 25.14
2 Chris Jones 18:01 21.05
3 Jeff Mishtawy 18:04 20.99
4 John Robinson 18:28 20.53
5 Herb Rabren 18:32 20.46
6 Sam Easley 19:10 19.78
7 Vicky McCurdy 19:16 19.68
8 Paula Sullenger 20:30 18.50

TNTT Results - 7/9/2013

Tuesday's results:

Rider Time Speed
1 Robert Black 14:44 25.74
2 George Wenzel 15:01 25.25
3 Steve Nelson 16:49 22.55
4 Claudia Penaloza 17:58 21.11
5 Sam Easley 19:28 19.48

(Full results)

TNTT Results - 7/2/2013

It was a beautiful evening last night.  And some amazing times.  We saw Scott Compton drop 46 sec, Sam Easley 1:13, Lanier Nichols a whooping 1:28 & Steve Nelson bettered his all-time best by 1:44.  Great job to everyone!  Last night's results below and full results here.

Rider Time Speed
1 Robert Black 14:44 25.74
2 Lanier Nichols 15:57 23.77
3 Steve Nelson 16:38 22.80
4 Stacy Norman 16:43 22.68
5 Jimmy Prestwood 16:45 22.64
6 Claudia Penaloza 17:44 21.38
7 Manuel Chamorro 17:47 21.32
8 Sam Easley 19:20 19.61
9 Dave Kerr 20:11 18.79
10 Scott Compton 20:36 18.41
11 Valarie Compton 21:23 17.73

TNTT Results - 6/25/2013


A fantastic night yesterday with our biggest crowd this year!  In addition to an Auburn crew, we had the Lagrange crew and a Montgomery crew.  Its great to see everyone playing on their bikes.  If you’re not doing anything Tuesday nights, get on your bike and ride.  It doesn’t matter if your helmet last saw daylight in the mid-80s and your bike creaks going down the road.  We want you to come out and have fun.  If you’re fast or slow, fit or trying to get fit, come ride – you’ll have fun.


Rider Time Speed
1 Patrick Johnson 15:05 25.14
Bret Burleson
2 Stephen Marino 15:49 23.97
Kelly Marino
3 Ronnie Sivell 16:27 23.05
Dwayne Conley



Rider Time Speed
1 Josh Fuller 14:37 25.94
2 Chad Wiswall 14:40 25.85
3 George Wenzel 14:47 25.65
4 Robert Black 14:49 25.59
5 Gef Moy 15:19 24.76
6 Jimmy Prestwood 16:31 22.96
7 Claudia Penaloza 18:04 20.99
8 Herb Rabren 18:05 20.97
9 Mark Watts 19:08 19.82
10 Vicky McCurdy 19:24 19.55
11 Sam Easley 20:33 18.45