July TNTT Results

Time trialists rolled across the finish line last night in strong form. Alan Barton dug deep to best the field and take top honors. But gaps were tight as everyone fought to beat the clock.

  • Alan Barton @ 28:50 (22.47mph)
  • Jimmy Prestwood @ 29:08 (22.24mph)
  • Nic Koziolek @ 29:46 (21.77mph)
  • Stacy Norman @ 31:16 (20.72mph)
  • Bob Goodman @ 32:08 (20.17mph)

And not to go home empty handed, Rick Brock of Trek Auburn saw finishers generously greeted with store credit.

August 14th will be the final TNTT of the 2018 summer series. The course will be Mrs James Road in North Auburn. It'll be a 6mile out-n-back. I know you've all ridden it. And I know you all think you're fast on it. So circle the 8/14 on your calendars and come out to prove it!