TNTT Results - 5/21/2019

And the winners are…

Everyone who showed up! Huge thanks to Trek of Auburn. Everyone went home with something awesome: Tim rode around with the killer Flar R tail light, Alan’s off to a Trek shopping spree, and Lanier’s keeping that custom bike looking sharp with some Bontrager cleaning supplies.

Throw in a couple rounds of popsicles and everyone goes home happy!

How about those times?

Mr. Lanier Nichols set a new course record last night - 15 minutes 12 seconds. Last night’s results broke down like this:

  1. Lanier Nichols - 15:12 @ 26.05 mph

  2. Alan Barton - 16:15 @ 24:37 mph

  3. Tim McDonald - 19:15 @ 20.57 mph

Series Results

We’ve got 1 race left in the 2019 TNTT. Come out and post your first time or beat your last time. Expect our last of the series to be the best. Bring a friend. Skip your summer vacation to Tahiti. It’ll be worth it.

…again, huge thanks to Trek of Auburn! Rick, you’re amazing! Everyone go say thanks…