Notes from January

…with the new year come new resolutions. One of which is to better communicate what’s discussed during club meetings…

Minutes, EACC Meeting, January 14, 2019

A-O Tourism Bureau/Auburn Chamber of Commerce

The meeting came to order at 7:00 pm with ten (10) members present. The club brought in pizza and members brought in beer and other beverages. As we ate, we held elections, talked about possible club rides, and about a membership roster.


Members present unanimously re-elected the sitting officers:

  • Tim McDonald, President

  • Angela Lakwete, Secretary

  • Christopher Graff, Treasurer

  • Larry Cook, Social Media Head

 Club Rides

All agreed that as a bike club we need to hold more club rides. Chris and Tim proposed a time trial series on consecutive Tuesdays beginning on April 30 and ending on May 28. Registration would open at 6:00 pm with the first rider off at 6:30. It would be staged on Mrs. James Road, which was used last year and found to be relatively easy and quiet. Rick Brock, owner of Goldens Bikes in LaGrange and Trek Bicycle Auburn, offered to partner with eacc and to promote the series.

Members then discussed the possibility of club rides, their frequency, location, and type (gravel and road).

After much discussion it seemed decided to schedule a monthly ride possibly designed by different members but similarly structured. Members suggested different starts, in Waverly, at Red Clay, and/or at Trinity United Methodist Church, among others. All rides would be “no drop.” Rick reiterated that we need to let him know so that he can alert his customers and riders in Auburn and LaGrange.

Mindful of conflicts with other regular rides, Tim suggested the first ride be on the February 9, starting in Waverly. It could be called the “Two Bridges” ride and be either or both road and gravel. Greg thought we could do the Lafayette loop in May celebrating the birthday of Joe Lewis and call it the “Brown Bomber Ride.” Angela and others could lead a “Twin Silos” ride. Angela volunteered Larry to lead an Opelika ride. Greg offered to lead a ride in August on the last Saturday before football starts. perhaps starting at Trinity United Methodist Church. Ideas abounded!

Membership Roster

Bruno asked that current members’ names and emails be made. Chris said we would first ask members to opt in or out of a public membership listing. We would include those who opted in, and their emails, on a roster that would be available at meetings.