Johnny Ray Century - By the Numbers

Now that the Johnny Ray is in the books I thought I’d share some numbers with everyone. We had 227 riders participate this year. Oddly, almost 20 riders did 20 miles, 35 riders did 34 miles, 63 riders did 63 miles and 107 did 105 miles. I re-counted that like 50 times it seemed so odd.

Where we road

Of those 227 riders most were from Alabama and Georgia, but also from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas & Virginia.

Where we came from

Last but certainly not least, we were all riding to support the Davis Phinney Foundation and their work to help people live well with Parkinson’s Disease. Through fundraising, personal donations and your event registration East Alabama Cycling Club will be proudly donating $5286 dollars to the Davis Phinney Foundation.

The books