2012 Series Results


A huge thanks goes out to all our volunteers: Clarence tirelessly bullied traffic for us and all the popsicles, Mike S., Dexter, Adam and everyone else who helped with timing, Mike H. for keeping us balanced on the line, and Angela for tunes and keeping us organized.  Thank you to all others who came out to help, to cheer, and to support the event, you guys made it so much fun.  Stop by James Bros Bikes and thank Danny, Grant and the crew for all their support, and the kick-a wheels they offered as prizes.  And finally thank you to everyone who raced.  It’d be awkward to stand there with a stopwatch and no one to time. 

…But we’re not done yet…  Due to weather delays this season we’re throwing in a makeup session.  The date is TBD but look for a Saturday or Sunday in the near future.  We’ll return to the long (Tundra TT) course on CR188.  More to come as we finalize the dates. 

And finally, our big winners are:

Series Champ (men)*

  1. Nate Robinson – 14:26(avg)
  2. GW Wenzel – 15:34(avg)
  3. Matt Borrelli – 16:12(avg)

Series Champ (women)*

  1. Emile Ewing – 17:35(avg)
  2. Vicky McCurdy – 18:44(avg)
  3. Paula Sullenger – 19:27(avg)

Fastest Man

  1. Jay McCurdy – 13:51
  2. Christian Parrett – 14:08
  3. Nate Robinson – 14:13

Fastest Woman

  1. Kelly Marino – 15:30
  2. Emile Ewing – 16:57
  3. Kathryn Hall – 17:28

Most improved*^

  1. GW Wenzel  -2:03
  2. Brian Hall -1:48
  3. Emile Ewing -1:40

*For overalls, must have ridden at least 4 times

^Slowest ride from first half of rides minus fastest ride from second half