TNTT Results - 6/18/2013

A brief, light drizzle didn’t keep 6 die-hard cyclists away.  See last night’s results below and results from the full series are here.

 Next week will be our two person team time trials.  Again, for those who don’t know here’s how it works:  teams of 2 will start at 2 minute intervals and can work together across the course.  The clock stops when the 2nd rider crosses the finish.  Pick your own team, bring a ringer, show up and we’ll match you with someone, or ride solo.  We don’t care, we just want to have a good time.  Disclaimer: we do care.  Both riders have to be under their own power, have to complete the course, and wear helmets.

Rider Time Speed
1 Jay McCurdy 14:21 26.43
2 George Wenzel 15:20 24.73
3 Jimmy Prestwood 16:47 22.59
4 Herb Rabren 18:15 20.78
5 Tim McDonald 19:13 19.73
6 Vicky McCurdy 19:20 19.61