TNTT Results - 6/11/2013

Heat and humidity isn’t slowing anyone down.  All you Auburn cats keep an eye out on the folks from LaGrange, they’re posting some fast times.  And Jay, I hope you’re taking notice – Robert Black’s making steady progress on your course record.  See last night’s results below and series results here.

Back by popular demand: in 2 weeks (June 25th) we’ll bring back the team TT.  For those who don’t know here’s how it works:  teams of 2 will start at 2 minute intervals and can work together across the course.  The clock stops when the 2nd rider crosses the finish.  Pick your own team, bring a ringer, show up and we’ll match you, or ride solo.  We don’t care, we just want to have a good time.  Disclaimer: we do care.  Both riders have to be under their own power, have to complete the course, and wear helmets.


Rider Time Speed
1 Robert Black 14:42 25.80
2 Patrick Johnson 15:28 24.52
3 Bret Burleson 15:36 24.31
4 Ronnie Sivell 16:21 23.19
5 Stacy Norman 16:37 22.82
6 Jimmy Prestwood 17:00 22.31
7 Christopher Graff 17:24 21.79
8 Dwayne Conley 17:48 21.30
9 Claudia Penaloza 17:57 21.13
10 Tim McDonald 18:41 20.30
11 Mark Watts 19:47 19.17