January Meeting

Happy New Year! The EACC crew wants to see you at more meetings in the New Year so we’re asking you to help us plan a schedule of meetings and workshops that will bring you out after a long day. We’ll finalize the schedule at January’s meeting.

Here’s what we have so far for meetings and workshops:

  • Jan: Business Meeting: Elections, schedule decisions, and ride updates
  • Feb: Bruce Herbitter: Randonneuring and 650B Conversions
  • July: Le Tour at Red Clay Brewery
  • Sept and Oct: Johnny Ray Century planning and review.
  • Dec: Holiday Gathering

Workshop/Experiment: “How Many Gears Do You Use?”: Tim wants to conduct an experiment to uncover just how many gears we use in a typical ride and how many do we really need? Tim will add clarity and details at the next meeting.

We have six (6) open months. Here are some ideas we’re floating. Please indicate your preference and especially please add your ideas for meetings and workshops. (PLEASE NOTE that we have NOT YET contacted any of the people mentioned.)

  • Captain Tommy Carswell: Cycling and the Law
  • Brandy Ezelle: Effective Cycling (possibly a workshop)
  • Disk Brakes (looking for a speaker)
  • Mike Hogan: The Campy Mystique 
  • Jay Sandefur: Frame Building 
  • Tim McDonald: Bike Rodeo and/or Parking Lot Exercises (bring your bike)
  • CVT Transmission
  • John Little/Carolyn Donnelly: The Lure of Touring 
  • Danny James/Philip Darden: James Bros Opelika!: What’s Hot; CAMP/Chewacla 


Please tell me what you like and what you’d nix in the list. Be sure to add your suggestions. Thanks and we wish you the most wonderful new year! Angela (lakwete@gmail.com)