Johnny Ray pre-Century

EACC Members & JRC Volunteers: Pre-Ride the Johnny Ray Century

7 am, Saturday, 19 Sept. 2015, Trinity United Methodist Church

This from the indomitable Tim McDonald:

There are many perfectly legitimate reasons for not riding the Johnny Ray Century on 26 September. Maybe you'll be out of town cheering on your heroes in Richmond as they chase the rainbow jersey. Maybe you're a fan of finger foods and beer and want to spend that Saturday with 100,000 of your closest friends. Maybe you just don't like to be interrupted by so-called 'rest stops' on your long bike rides.

Or maybe, just maybe, a certain Angela has twisted your arm and you've 'volunteered' to take one for the club and be one of those people whose service it is that makes the JRC such a standout in the ABC Series and one of the finest bike rides in the South.

Whatever your excuse, there's simply no excuse for missing the JRpC, aka the Johnny Ray pre-Century, this Saturday, 19 September. Come join us at 7:00 AM at the Methodist Church in Opelika as we of the EACC grandly depart the parking lot for 105 miles of simple pleasure over simple country roads, without all those speedier out-of-towners constantly passing us by and then having to breathlessly chat with them at the next rest stop about their $10,000 bicycle - ugh.

Those helping out on JRC Saturday AND completing the JRpC will be rewarded with an ABC Series medal. What's not to like about that? Join us for a more relaxed century!