February Meeting

First thing, a little house cleaning business. If you have asked to be taken off of the email list, please send me that request again. I lost the updated list, I think. Well, I'm not sure. So, if you get this months meeting notice, please don't send any hate mail, just put it to my lack of computer knowledge or Skynet, either one.

Alright! It is time for our annual suffer-fest. In fact it is the event that I look forward to most of all! What is that you ask, wait for it..... a little longer....


Now stop. I heard that collective moan and groan, some you are even reaching for the delete button now, but wait,, let me explain. For me the pain on a bike beats the daily pain of arthrits and besides it's only 10mins. Plus this one event, yes this annual right of passage is the only one of its kinds in Auburn! If that is not enough for there is more, this event is "THE" event that heralds in SPRING, which means warmer weather. Did you read that, warmer weather!!! But wait there's more, this year we are offering door prizes, yes even prizes!

So, dust off the bike, you will need one. Bring your riding shorts, for the obvious reason. Also, don't forget your riding shoes, to make the look complete. We will see you Monday at 7:00pm at Church of the Highlands!


P.S. Let's see if any one can beat Herb this year.