August meeting

> Greetings > As I was pedaling down 2nd Ave. the other day I was complaining to myself that the wind was always blowing either against me or across me. This day I thought it was a cross wind, I felt wind blowing in my ears. Well, it was just air blowing through the space that was left were my brain should have been. As you can tell by now the reason was that I forgot this email. I could ask for forgiveness,but I know that all of us have life that piles up. I did not forget the agenda though!

> DA, DA, DA, We are scheduled to meet at James Bros. Bike Shop at 7:00pm this Monday night. Danny will be fresh from Trek World having road with Fabian and the other members of Team Trek, plus all the latest news from Waterloo as too what is coming down the road as far as tech. I'm sure you won't want to miss this one, even if the notice was late! > If you need directions to James Bros. you can visit their website. Hope to see you then! > Dave