July meeting

If the crowds in England at the opening stages of the TDF are any indication of the condition of the sport of cycling, then we might be moving into a bigger room next month! Wishful thinking perhaps, but remember this, each one of us can share our joy and passion for the ride and what cycling has done for us and who knows what will happen. I know. Rant, rant rant. This month we have the privilege of having our own Nathan Spence of the Auburn Flyers coming to share with us. Please plan to be there as I am sure he will be able to tell all about this race club and answer our questions. Also I would like you all to start thinking and planning for the Johnny Ray. We will only have "2" meetings before the event! Time has flown by! Get ready to volunteer or ride or both! See you next Monday, July 14 at 7:00pm, at Church of the Highlands. Dave