June meeting

Ah June.... I could dream all day of June. No, not a girl, the month! Growing up it was the first full month of summer vacation. That meant no school! All day in the pool or riding bikes. There it is, riding bikes. The thing we did as kids that gave us out first taste of freedom. How far from home home could we go? Ten, fifteen maybe twenty miles. All with no parents. Those were the days, no cares, just be home by supper. Well. we all are in some way shape or fashion, pedaling hard to try and reach those days again. That brings me to this months meeting. We are in the heart of the century season and many have or are planning their century ride. With that in mind I have asked some of our multiple centurions to share their tips and thoughts. There will be a Q&A so have some goods one ready for them. See you Monday, June 9 at 7:00pm at Church of the Highlands. Keep Pedaling, Dave