March meeting

Hopefully March will start to bring in warmer weather, note I said "hopefully". Never loose hope. Warmer temps are coming and soon we will be riding and the words will fall out of our mouths, "Remember back when it was so cold...", as the Alabama sun melts the grip-tape of the handle bars.

Well we're not there yet, we have a few more weeks. Which brings me to this months meeting, Kirk Iversen will be attending the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC and has agreed to come and give us a report fresh from his travels! You will not want to miss this meeting as I am sure he will have a lot of information to give and answers to our questions.

Also, Bo Bikes Bama is coming up on April 19th. Registration is now open for the ride and if you don't want to ride I still need some people to help drive sag for the event. if you are interested contact me.

See you at 7:00pm March 10th at Church of the Highlands