June Meeting - Alabike Rebooted

Good morning fellow EACCers - our next meeting is Monday 10 June, 7:00PM at the Church of the Highlands. We will be hosting the Executive Director of Alabike, Stan Palla, who will speak to us about the effort underway to revitalize the organization. Alabike is involved in numerous initiatives to improve biking and biking safety at the state level and beyond, and it will be interesting to hear about their progress. Our own Kirk Iverson will also be there to lend his perspective.

If that weren't enough excitement, we'll also be having our annual Bike Handling Olympics. Bring your bike and compete in 'The Backbreaker', 'The Whirling Dervish', and 'The Hand-off Hootenany' (apologies to Woody Guthrie's sacred memory). Prizes will probably not be awarded! Who doesn't enjoy the chance to mangle a perfectly good $2,000 bike? So come on out and join the fun.

Have a safe and flat-free weekend, and we'll see you Monday.