Velogames Mini-League

I have created a mini league for le Tour de France. All the entry information is below. There is no entry fee and there will be no prizes. It's just kinda forces you to watch the TdF results daily. Years past we have had as many as 27 teams entered. I do not have the mailing list that has been used in the past, so tell all of your friends and lets get a big league going.

For you first timers, it's easy. Go here to get started:

Click the ENTER NOW button, fill out the information, pick nine riders (you are forced to select certain riders for OVERALL, CLIMBING, SPRINTING, DOMESTICS, and there is a WILD CARD). (You can change your team jersey to fit your mood) Each rider has been assigned a point have 100 points to spend on your team. CAN'T GO OVER 100 POINTS, but you can be under 100. Google for start lists to make sure your riders are starting...make sure they didn't get hit by a dog or caught with EPO the day before the race starts. I use ProCyclingStats for the up to the minute starting info.

email me with questions.

Doug (


League Name: Affaires Sérieuses de Bicyclette
League Code: 22044905
To join this league, clicking on an open spot on your Team Roster's "Mini-League Manager" section.
You will then be asked to enter the League Code to sign up your team into the league.