March meeting

Hard to believe we went from globally-warmed depths of winter to sub-Clarence temperatures so quickly, just like it's hard to believe our next EACC meeting looms on the horizon. The new month brings a new meeting place at ... drum roll ... our new-old meeting place. Old because we'll still be at Church of the Highlands, but new because the Church of the Highlands has moved down the street to its new facility. And such a facility! See the picture below for a view of just the entryway of the place - quite spacious and imposing.

The March meeting brings back one of our more popular club events - the annual Watts! party. No, not the neighborhood in LA, but your chance to dust the cobwebs from your bike, haul it to the meeting, bolt yourself into a trainer, and lay down a big number in front of your friends. Having done so you can stand back and say to the assembled, adoring masses 'Beat that'. Which those masses are likely to do, but you will have had your moment in the sun and nobody can take that away from you.

Bring your bike and kit to the new Church of the Highlands, corner of E Samford and E Glenn, 7:00 PM Monday 11 March and be prepared to push the heart rate into the reddest of zones. It'll be like the time trial, but shorter, and you won't have to suffer in solitude.

Until Monday, be safe and ride smiling and happy in the relative warmth and sunshine it looks like the rest of the week will bring.

-Tim- []