September meeting

Good velo-animated folks of East Alabama - Monday 10 September, 7:00PM at the Church of the Highlands we will be having our monthly bike extravaganza, this month with so many great things to discuss you won't want to miss it. First up we'll have Shane Jordan promoting the Tour of Alabama, a supported 5-day ride from Florence to Auburn coming up in early October. For those of you Facebook-enabled, check out, and for those actuallyTwitter-capable there's also Looks like a terrific opportunity for a fun ride.

Next on the program will be Carrie Karkoska to discuss nutritional needs for you active riders. Carrie has great experience in the nutritional world and will be speaking about pre-,post-, and during-ride requirements for maximum performance. This is always high on everyone's list of favorite cycling subjects, it just happens to be low on my personal make-it-come-true list. But knowing what I _should_ be doing will perhaps be motivational. It will certainly be informative, so bring lots of questions.

Finally, it's that most exciting month of the year for all true EACC'ers, September means Johnny Ray and there will be loads of things to talk about concerning our annual fund-raising event. Be prepared to volunteer.

A great program that, as usual, came about because of the inspired work of others. Thanks, Clarence. Take care, ride safe, and show up Monday!