August meeting

Good day all - our meeting is scheduled for Monday 13 August, 7:00 PM at the Church of the Highlands. This month we feature a couple of our own on the program. We'll have Paula Sullenger talking about her recent Great Alaskan Adventure, I think three full weeks cycling through America's last frontier. Sounds rustic, I'm sure she'll have some tales to tell. And our very own Randy McDaniel will talk about using social media to stay connected with the cycling community. If you're like me and have a morbid fear of things twitter-ish, perhaps Randy can put your worries to rest and get you out there cyber-communicating in pseudo-reality space.

Plus we have fewer than 7 weeks to JRC, lots left to plan for that. TdeF in the books, Olympics just over, but we'll have the Vuelta to look forward to. Come on out and we can tweet about it. See you Monday, and ride safe.