June EACC meeting

Bikers of East Alabama - we're back in the peak riding months and I'm sure everyone has some deferred maintenance on their bikes they'd like to take care of. This month's meeting will help motivate you towards bicycle perfection as we will be hosted by The Bike Shop and Brian has promised to speak on that very subject. Details aren't in place, but I'm sure it will be as entertaining as it is informative. Come with questions and wind up with a bike that puts more of your hard-earned energy into forward motion.

So plan on meeting at The Bike Shop on Monday 11 June at 7:00 PM. The coffee might not be as good as at Highlands, but the program will certainly make up for any deficit in caffeine availability.

You members leaving to ride your bikes in far-flung parts of the world please remember to take along a camera and snap copious photos as you journey. We're planning on a future meeting being a 'what I did this summer' fest - your chance to relate tall tales of your cycling adventures.

Safe cycling to you all,