April meeting

Good day cyclists - The time for another meeting fast approaches and this month we have a couple of things to do. Time trials will be starting in less than a month (1 May was the day I heard), so some planning may be in order. There was also a concern expressed about difficulties experienced in dealing with emergency services when out in parts remote and their potentially dire consequences. A short discussion on planning for the worst may be in order. I'm trying to line up a speaker, but if that doesn't happen our own Chris Graff is knowledgeable on the subject.

And as a program we've kind of settled on handlebar maintenance. You can come practice on a test set of bars, or bring your own bike and tape and get that worn out mess removed and replaced. Goodness, it looks like old leaves wrapping a stick - take some pride in your bike. And it smells like feet, too, but not in the good way the Bizarre Foods guy describes certain cheeses and things.

Danny at James Bros has asked we remind everyone of the upcoming Trek Travel info session being hosted at the shop, 15 April. Here's a link for further details.


The Ride of Love is also getting closer (19 May) so better start getting your mileage up and sponsors identified. See this for details.

Ride of Love - Camp Smile-A-Mile<http://www.campsam.org/rideoflove.asp>

Finally, let's all be grateful for little miracles. Please ride safely and we'll see you 7:00 PM Monday, 9 April at the Church of the Highlands.