March EACC Meeting

Good day biking friends - if you're like me you're not riding as much as this gorgeous weather would allow, but even if you aren't out on the roads why miss an opportunity to come talk about it? Our next EACC meeting will be 7:00 PM Monday 12 March at the Church of the Highlands on Glenn Avenue near the airport. This month will be our annual 'Watt Benchmarking' session, something we've enjoyed over the past couple of years thanks to the generous loan of wattmeters from Angela and Mike. Bring your bike and riding duds and come on out and quantify just exactly how much you've gone down hill over the winter---it's fun.

While we're waiting our turn to be humbled on the trainer, we can have a discussion about something on peoples' minds who are considering a bike tour this summer, ie gear for touring. Those rides will be here before you know it and it's time to start thinking about what needs have to be filled before embarking on a multi-day tour. It would be great to have the experienced tourers of the club come and impart their accumulated wisdom about what sort of things work and what don't. I'm pondering sleeping gear for the Bike Ride Across Nebraska right now and don't want to make an expensive and ultimately backbreaking mistake (I know, these meetings are all about me, sorry).

You might also bring some pictures and stories from your own touring adventures and share them with us.

Finally, I will also bring the 'London Bridge' assembly to play around with since we'll have some bikes there. This is your chance to limber up the old back and show off your bike handling skills, plus your hand- eye coordination.

Please be safe fellow riders and see you next Monday.