Vote - EACC Meeting Location

Dear EACC Members,

Our last club meeting was wonderfull. The topics covered touring and measuring watts. We met at Church of the Highlands. For those that missed out they have a great space - roomy, clean, comfortable atmosphere; very welcoming without expectation. As I'm sure everyone is aware the club left Health Resource Center in Opelika and have been seeking a new permanent home. Our March meeting at Church of the Highlands was to trial the facilities as well as a new day (Monday). We felt we had a great turn out, and enjoyed the church's generous invitation to their facilities.

As such we felt we should put the location and day to a club vote. The vote is:

OPTION 1) New meeting day (2nd Monday of each month) and location (Church of the Highlands). -or- OPTION 2) Keep traditional day (2nd Thursday of each month) and continue searching for a permanent home (any suggestions?).

There's a lot of members out there (whether you're a regular at meetings or not) and you're opinion matters. Please let us know by the end of the month.

Thanks so much, -chris