October EACC

My dear cycling friends - true to form, this month's meeting has snuck up on me. I thought I had another week to arrange a scintillating speaker, but, alas, Monday approacheth and I have not. You'll just have to trust me there will undoubtedly be somebody there to talk about something, scintillating or not. Or else I'll bring a cake.

That doesn't mean we won't have things to discuss. First up will be the normal feedback on the JRC. As a participant, I have nothing but good things to say about the ride, all 105 rear-end-mangling miles of it. If this year is like past, however, others will have been less pleased. I'm sure Angela will have a list of complaints we can address for next year's edition.

We also have a relatively firm date for our day at the Dick Lane Velodrome. We originally asked for 3 November but 28 October (a Sunday) looks like the new, actual T-Day. In honor of that event, we'll have our first annual track stand competition this month. Bring your bike, or use one that is supplied, but calm your nerves, avoid coffee during the meeting, and be ready to hold yourself in an upright but precarious position for extended periods. If there are more than one still wobbling on two stationary wheels at midnight, the contest will be suspended until November's meeting.

With October here, I thought it might also be time to start thinking about cold weather riding. And, with little kids in school, I also thought about show-and-tell. You see children, we used to have this thing called 'winter' ... never mind. If you will, then, bring your ONE ESSENTIAL item of cold weather kit you cannot live without to the meeting and be prepared to model for, and explain its significance to, your riding friends who might otherwise think you're nuts wearing that hideous thing.

Monday 8 October, 7:00 PM at the Church of the Highlands. See you all then, and be safe out there.