December Meeting

Happy Post-Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas Everyone. Our next EACC meeting is Thu 8 Dec 7:00 PM at the EAMC Health Resources Center. We have an exciting program with our very own GW speaking about his experiences in Masters racing. He's had quite a lot of success in that regard and I'm sure will have a lot of stories to tell, plus helpful advice to those would-be racers in the group.

We will also welcome Melissa Allphin, the Development Director for Camp Smile-A-Mile, an organization that hosts children with cancer and their families at a facility on Lake Martin. They provide good times for kids experiencing a rough patch and you can read about their activities at Melissa will talk about their annual bike- related fundraiser, the Ride of Love---definitely a challenge for those adventurous cyclists in the club. It should be quite uplifting to hear about, even if you can't quite ride 150 miles in a single day.

Look forward to seeing you all and, for those who can't make it, have a very safe and Merry Christmas.